OK, here we go. You will find informations about the most kept secret treasure of The Pogues


I have listed all the tracks in chronogical order (as far as I know):

Not a demo recording but the only one including two unreleased tracks by the NIPS: Loot and Eltham.
The Nips live at the Hope & Anchor
1. Fuss ‘n’ Bother
2. Loot
3. Nervous Wreck
4. Eltham
5. Venus In Bovver Boots
6. Private Eye
7. Gabrielle
8. Maida Aida
9. All The Time In The World
10. King Of The Bop
11. Private Eye

The first Pogues Demos were recorded in the Pre-Stiff time as Pogue Mahone (1983).
1. Dark Streets Of London - this is a funny demo recording because Shane misses the words in the middle of the song.

Red Roses for Me Demos
1. Rocky Road To Dublin
2. Greenland Whale Fisheries
3. Repeal Of The Licensing Laws
4. Kitty
5. Transmetropolitan
6. Boys From The County Hell
7. Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go
8. Sea Shanty
9. Battle Of Brisbane

First BBC Sessions
1. Greenland Whale Fisheries
2. The Auld Triangle
3. Streams Of Whiskey
4. Boys From The County Hell
5. Dark Streets Of London
6. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Pogue Mahone - Almost Live
Very shambolic, very few people in the audience, a few hand claps after each song!
Shane announces at one point: "For what there is of you, you're a great audience.
Another time: "It's very nice to be here tonight - I wish somebody else was".
They play "The Holy Ground" which the only recording of this song to surface to date).
They also play the earliest known Pogues version of Dirty Old Town as well as Rocky Road To Dublin
and Me and Bobby McGee. This show beats the shit out of "Live at the 100 Club".

01. Muirshin Durkin
02. Battle Of Brisbane
03. Dark Streets Of London
04. Rocky Road To Dublin
05. Muirshin Durkin
06. Dirty Old Town
07. Repeal Of The Licensing Laws
08. Down In The Ground Where The Dead Men Go
09. The Band Played Waltzing Matilda
10. Me And Bobby McGee
11. Streams Of Whiskey
12. Poor Paddy
13. The Holy Ground
14. Waxies Dargle

1. Unknown Instrumental
2. Unknown Instrumental
3. Unknown Instrumental (maybe a very slow version of IISFFGWG)
4. Turkish Song Of The Damned (very slow)
5. Talk To Me Baby (Organ with Shane on vocals - 9 minute track)
6. Metropolis (acoustic version)
7. A Rainy Night In Soho

xx.xx.1987 Abbey Road Studios
1. South Australia Part Two (Inst.)
2. The Broad Majestic Shannon
3. The Medley (Recruiting Sergeant etc.)
4. The Ballinalee
5. Lullaby Of London
6. Streets Of Sorrow / Birmingham Six (guide lyrics)
7. Shanne Bradley
8. Battle March Part One
9. Fiesta (guide lyrics)
10. Greek Salad
11. Turkish Song Of The Damned
12. Metropolis
13. I Don’t Know About Love (Terry)
14. Fairytale Of New York (new guide lyrics)

14.10.1987 Sarm Studios
1. Worms
2. Thousands Are Sailing

27.10.1987 Rough LP version for If I Should Fall From Grace With God - The Town House, London
1. If I Should Fall From Grace With God
2. Turkish Song Of The Damned
3. Bottle Of Smoke
4. Fairytale Of New York
5. Metropolis
6. Thousands Are Sailing
7. Fiesta
6. Medley
9. Streets Of Sorrow / Birmingham Six
10. Lullabye Of London
11. Worms
12. Sit Down By The Fire
13. The Broad Majestic Shannon

xx.xx.1989 Peace and Love Outtakes (maybe some of the tracks were recorded later)
1. The Last Of McGee
2. Murder Ska (second version)
3. Terry’s Heirs
4. The Eve Of Destruction
5. Maidrin Rua (unedited)
6. Aisling
7. Pinned Down

xx.xx.1990 The Hell´s Ditch Demos (sometimes called “The Falconer Demos”)
1. Murder Ska UNRELEASED
2. Ghost Of A Smile (Demo)
3. Bastard Landlord (Demo)
4. Summer In Siam (Demo with bongo drums)
5. Wake Of The Medusa
7. Victoria (instrumental)
8. Redemption Song UNRELEASED
9. Lust For Vomit (instrumental)
10. Five Green Queens & Jean (Demo)

June 1991
1. The Travelling People UNRELEASED
2. Donegal Express UNRELEASED (It´s the Pogues version with different lyrics)

There were also two ACETATES made with these tracks

8.7.1991 A Rainy Night In Soho - Flugel Mix
1. A Rainy Night In Soho Long Version
2. A Rainy Night In Soho 7” Version

30.7.1991 A Rainy Night In Soho - RAK Masters
1. A Rainy Night In Soho 7” Master
2. A Rainy Night In Soho Full Length Master

30.1.1992 Town & Country Live Mixes (high quality sounddeck recordings - professionally mixed)
1. London Calling
2. I Fought The Law
3. Turkish Song Of The Damned

xx.xx.1992 Pure Poguetry Album WX471
Later titled “The Best Of The Pogues”
1. Fairytale Of New York
2. Sally MacLennane
3. Dirty Old Town
4. Irish Rover
5. Pair Of Brown Eyes
6. Streams Of Whiskey
7. Rainy Night In Soho
8. Fiesta
9. Rain Street
10. Misty Morning Albert Bridge
11. Sunny Side Of The Street
12. Thousands Are Sailing
13. Broad Majestic Shannon
14. Body Of An American

19.3.1992 Pure Poguetry Album WX 471
Extra Tracks for CD / MC
Later titled “The Rest Of The Best”
1. If I Should Fall From Grace With God
2. The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn
3. The Old Man Drag
4. Boys From The County Hell
5. Young Ned Of The Hill
6. Dark Streets Of London
7. Repeal Of The Licensing Laws
8. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
9. London Girl
10. Honky Tonk Women
11. Summer In Siam
12. Turkish Song Of The Damned
13. Sunnyside Of The Street
14. Hell´s Ditch
15. The Auld Triangle
16. Lullaby Of London

There is also an ACETATE of the same compilation made
with just 14 tracks on it

18.11.1992 The first “Waiting For Herb” Demos
called “Vocal Versions”
1. Big City
2. Once Upon A Time
3. Wady Hammamat
4. Drunken Boat
5. Love On Tillery
6. Train Kept Rolling On
7. Smell Of Petroleum
8. Tuesday Morning
9. Small Hours
10. Modern World
11. My Baby´s Gone
12. Pachinko
13. The Ghost
14. First Day Of Forever
15. Sitting On Top Of The World

November 1992
15 tracks Remix with vox
15 tracks no vox

23.4.1993 Waiting For Herb “Masters and Mixes”
1. Once Upon A Time
2. Wady Hammamat
3. Pachinko (Loud Vocal)
4. Small Hours (Spacious Mix)
5. Modern World
6. Paris St. Germain
7. Drunken Boat (Vocal Down, Edit)
8. Tuesday Morning (Vocal Down Full Version With Edits)
9. The Haunting (High Vox)
10. In The Big City (Accordion Recall)
11. Smell Of Petroleum (New Mix)
12. First Day Of Forever
13. Sitting On Top Of The World
14. My Baby´s Gone (New Mix Sans Amp Bass, Master A)
15. My Baby´s Gone (New Mix Sans Amp Bass, Vocal UP, Master B)
16. Train Kept Rolling On (Vocal UP)

18.5.1993 Waiting For Herb Demos
1. Tuesday Morning
2. Smell Of Petroleum
3. The Haunting
4. Wady Hammamat
5. Once Upon A Time
6. My Baby´s Gone

xx.xx.1993 Waiting For Herb Demos
1. My Baby´s Gone
2. Girl From The Wadi Hammamat
3. Moving To Moldovia
4. Fishermen UNRELEASED
5. Hot Asphalt UNRELEASED

July 1994
1. When The Ship Comes In
2. Who Said Romance Is Dead? UNRELEASED
3. Call My Name UNRELEASED
4. Where That Love´s Been Gone
5. Tosspint
6. Anniversary

1. Living In A World Without Her
2. Eyes Of An Angel
3. Pont Mirabeau
4. Bright Lights
5. Love You ´till The End
6. Amadie
7. Sound Of The City Night UNRELEASED
8. Oretown
9. Heartshaped Sunglasses UNRELEASED
10. Four O´Clock In The Morning
11. The Sun And The Moon

xx.11.1994 Rough Mixes
1. When The Ship Comes In
2. Bright Lights
3. Oretown
4. Living In A World Without Her
5. Amadi - with vocals
6. When The Ship Comes In
7. Bright Lights
8. Oretown
9. Living In A World Without Her
10. Amadi - backing tracks

. . . and now for some Shane MacGowan stuff

21.6.1992 - Milo, London - Shane MacGowan Session DEMOS
1. Haunted By The Ghost (sung by Sinead O’Connor, without Shane) UNRELEASED

xx.xx.1994 - Milo, London
1. Snake With Eyes Of Garnet
2. Song With No Name
3. Old Time Religion UNRELEASED

1. Snake With Eyes Of Garnet
2. Donegal Express
3. Love You Till The End
4. Donegal Express (diff. version)
5. Rake At The Gates Of Hell
6. Love You Till The End

1. Minstrel Boy (Alternative Mix)

1. That Woman´s Got Me Drinking

1. I will Be Your Handbag

1. Aisling

1. The Snake - Radio Advertisement

1.12.1994 Sarm Studios
1. Haunted - TCH

1. Church Of The Holy Spook (Ref. Take)

1. Haunted (Trevors Edit)

1. My Way (Rough Mix)

1. My Way (Mix 1, Master)
2. My Way (Mix 2, Traditional Instruments On 1st Verse)

1. Sitting On Top Of The World (sung by Shane MacGowan) UNRELEASED

1. She Walks Through The Fair

May 1996 The Popes - Metropolis
1. Sleepless Nights (Ruff Mix)
2. Saturday Night Picture Show
3. Banjaxed

1. More Pricks Than Kicks

1. What’s Another Year - Mix 2 (Bass Up)
2. What’s Another Year - Mix 1

xx.xx.2002 The Popes (from the forthcoming album?)
1. Angels Are Coming       DOWNLOAD
2. Let The Bells Ring Out 

. . . there are also some Crock Of Gold Demos out there, but they were released as bootleg
“Back In The Pub” Vol. 1 & 2

. . . and now for some DEMOS of The Pogues related

19.2.1978 The Radiators - DEMOS
The Roundhose London
2. Sunday World
3. Roxy Girl
4. Electric Shades
5. Press Gang
6. Prison Bars
7. Million Dollar Hero
8. Television Screen
9. Walking Home Alone Again
10. Psychotic Reaction
11. Blitzin' At The Ritz
12. Enemies
13. Teenager In Love
14. Hucklebuck
15. Teenage Head
16. Shake Some Action
17. 1970 (I Feel Alright)

Wisemen - DEMOS (all UNRELEASED)
1. We´re In Love
2. She
3. River Song
4. All I Have
5. Turf Moor
6. Essex Road
7. NW5
8. Northern Line
9. Louise
10. Breathe A Different Air

The Vendettas - DEMOS (all UNRELEASED)
1. Better Than Anything
2. River Song
3. You Bring Me Round
4. Louise